Today - 29 October 2019

Its been a cold day today - a day for indoor day jobs - and I have been applying to submit work to another couple of exhibition opportunities.  

I am a member of North Devon Arts, a local art society based in this area, who have a Christmas exhibition coming up next month. Today has been a time for sorting out what to submit - only two works - but I wanted them to be quite recent and not shown anywhere else before now. 

The first one,  Primero Y Ultimo, was created following a trip to Spain, to the caves in Altamira, where there are  cave paintings from eons ago. The caves were first discovered in the 1860’s, and excavation began, completing in the 1960’s when it was found that the paintings were deteriorating from human contact and light. Archivists and others then set about creating the paintings that we can see today, using, as far as possible, replicas of paint and image. A couple of years ago, we also visited Ronda in Spain, and had a tour of the corrida, the bullring. Although bullfighting is not something I condone, the way in which the beast is revered, was. Therefore, the image is an amalgam, of images that translated from my head to my hand, to my brush. 

The second one is called, Hot Rock, and to me, speaks about the movement of the planet’s layers, deep beneath the surface. Hope you like them.

Today - 23rd October 2019

It’s handing in day for works to the RNLI Exhibition at the Yacht Club in Instow, nr Bideford, Devon. I have put in 4 pieces - hoping that they will all be hung. The exhibition is an annual event to raise funds for the Royal National Lifeboats Institution, with artists in the locality submitting works for sale.  It’s only a short exhibition over the period from 24th - 27th October. The Private view is tonight, 23rd and we are hoping for a good attendance.

As a matter of interest, I have uploaded images of the pieces on display at the RNLI Exhibition. The three Summer Study series works are in watercolour, a medium I rarely work with, but they were created during an experimental workshop - working wet into very wet as you can see.  They are very small pieces and priced accordingly. The fourth image is quite different and is in oils. This landscape was inspired following a late summer’s walk in our locality. The Tarka Trail, is a walking/cycle way that follows what was once an old railway line near to my home and this was a view taken along that route on our way to Instow. Unfortunately that view may not exist any longer due to ongoing construction work.

Today - 19th October 2019

For the last 2 weeks I have been struggling with creating a new website and think I am almost ready to publish - phew! Hubby has been away, so I have had the office space to myself, with no-one to bother me except the dog. Libby, our golden retriever is an old lady now and sleeps a lot, so not much bother.

I have tried out several website builders, most of tech bit way outside my capabilities, and hope that you like the results in this evolution. Please let me know if you notice any anomalies as it is still a work in progress and can be tweaked to amend and improve.

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