Today 18th November

Brand New! I think this one is 'Shoal Shadow II', but not sure at the moment. Available unframed, but mounted and bagged. Acrylic and mixed media. This one is a bit different from by usual images, but then its good to experiment. Im calling it 'Silhouette', but it could be about conversations. Its mounted and bagged and in the browser at the English Rivieria Winter Open Exhibition in Torquay. This is another fairly new one, cried from a larger work that didn't make sense to me. Its in my studio unframed. I've called it 'Dreams of Venice' as that's what I'm reminded of when looking at it.

You may wonder why I haven’t been posting as often as before, so I thought I would just mention that I now have moved over to Mail chimp as my method of communicating regular information. If you would like to get a monthly newsletter from me, I send out on the 13th of the month, please go to my contact page and let me have your email address. Alternatively you may also find information on my Facebook or instagram accounts.

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