Today 31st July 2021

We are at the end of July, it’s been a very busy month for the Smy household. In late June my brother-in-law died very suddenly and that was a great shock. There has been lots to deal with as a result, so I’m sorry not to catch up with you all before now. 

On a lighter note, we had our first holiday for nearly 2 years, with all the family in West Wales. A very happy time after such sadness.

Back to the art, though. I have work in Torquay at the moment, three paintings, as well as three unframed in the browser and several cards - all for sale. These can all be seen at Artizan Gallery in Fleet Walk Torquay, see poster below.

The first three are the framed pieces. 

After the Storm is a large work and shows well in a white mount with a white wood frame, under glass.

Next month I am handing in works to the Bruton Art Society and will give you more information when I have it.

Today 12th June 2021

Oh Australia, Rebirth & Renewal

Inspired by Begonias I

Burton at Bideford

Studio Kind

Just a note to confirm that the above two paintings are on display at the Burton in Bideford - “Inspired by Begonias” and Studio Kind in Braunton - “Oh Australia, Rebirth and Renewal”. The painting that I have exhibited in Studio Kind,  is one that I made during the first lockdown, and refers to the dreadful bush fires that occurred in Australia earlier that year. We were on Kangaroo Island in South Australia in 2008 and lived there for 2 months with a friend. I was devastated by the destruction caused by the fires on that beautiful island and had to work through that shock with paint. This one is about nature renewing and reclaiming the land. 

For anyone who isn’t aware of Studio Kind, it is situated at the back of the Tesco store in Braunton - head for the delivery entrance and there is a  little industrial area to the right as you go in, and Studio Kind is a couple of doors down from the main parking area, at the back of Tesco. This exhibition is run by North Devon Arts and will continue until Friday 18th June, opening hours 12 noon - 5.30pm. Pop long and have a look there is a variety of interesting and delightful works available for sale.

The exhibition at the Burton in Bideford, is continuing until Sunday 4th July - I know the poster says Saturday - but the 4th July is Sunday this year! Open every day, 10am - 4pm, apart from Sunday’s when the opening is 11am.

This year we are sharing the gallery space with another display in Gallery one, a print maker, and very well worth having a look. The Westward Ho! & Bideford Art Society exhibition is in Gallery 2. All the work is by the membership and is available for sale.

Today 5th May 2021

Well we have been in lockdown since January and not a lot has been happening in the Smy household. We have been working hard in the garden, at least my hubby has and I have been giving help and instructions - which plants to remove and where I want the wall to be built etc. However, that is nearly finished and I have been working in the studio as well. The newest piece is ‘Landslide’; another painting worked in oils and cold wax medium. It was originally in landscape orientation, but as it developed it started to speak to me about coastal erosion and the orientation moved to portrait.

The second image, which I have shown before, is my submission for the Westward Ho! & Bideford Art Society exhibition, with the third image being a poster of that show with dates etc. Its very exciting to have a physical show of works, especially in such a lovely space as the Burton in Bideford. It will be a smaller showing than usual as we are sharing space with another display, but do come and see us in Gallery 2, where there will be a range of pieces by the members of the society. 


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