Today 4th February 2020

Although it has been very cold in the studio, over the last month I have finished off three works in progress. They seem fairly representational, recognisable as seascapes, however, I don’t often have a plan of what the work will become, I tend to paint until the piece starts to tell me where I’m going.  There is a lot of layering and changes of direction before I get there.  These three have been works in progress for several months, in fact I started one of them in 2017.  No names yet, still drying. 

Today - 3rd January 2020

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and here’s wishing you a peaceful and prosperous new decade. Looking back over the years, I realise that I have been painting now for some 36 years and I am still learning and moving forward. I find it all such an exciting journey. 

I want to show you my studio.  Recently, my husband Andy, has built some racking for the studio, so that my completed paintings and works in progress are stacked upright, rather than sliding down the walls. Its created so much space! Thank you so much Andy! Next time I will show you the filled spaces.

Today 30th November 2019

Over the last couple of days, I have been creating an online portfolio of works, both new and less recent.

I have begun to add them to my store, for ease of purchase, but if you see any in the portfolio that are not included, then just contact me for more information. 

Interior with Flowers - Gallery 2

Emergence - Gallery 3

Homage to Kandinsky, In the Garden II - Gallery $

Primero Y Ultimo - Gallery 5

Low Water Marks - Gallery 6

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