Today 29th February 2020

In a previous post I showed you my studio in its confused state whilst my hubby was installing stacking storage for my completed paintings. At that time I promised to show you the after pictures as well and here they are. I’m very pleased with the results and can’t think why I didn’t realise that I needed it beforehand. Now I have so much more space to work in and, whilst I usually work flat, I can now also use the easel that was difficult to reach formerly. It may not look like it, but I have had a big clear out of stuff. I must have another go, but I’m on a painting roll at the moment and don’t want to break that, as you will see in my next post. BTW, not all the pieces on display around the studio are mine, there is a lovely one that my grandson painted, another two by Ray Balkwill, and also ones by a friend, Jane Hartnoll and Brian Chugg. These provide inspiration as I work.

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