Today 5th May 2021

Well we have been in lockdown since January and not a lot has been happening in the Smy household. We have been working hard in the garden, at least my hubby has and I have been giving help and instructions - which plants to remove and where I want the wall to be built etc. However, that is nearly finished and I have been working in the studio as well. The newest piece is ‘Landslide’; another painting worked in oils and cold wax medium. It was originally in landscape orientation, but as it developed it started to speak to me about coastal erosion and the orientation moved to portrait.

The second image, which I have shown before, is my submission for the Westward Ho! & Bideford Art Society exhibition, with the third image being a poster of that show with dates etc. Its very exciting to have a physical show of works, especially in such a lovely space as the Burton in Bideford. It will be a smaller showing than usual as we are sharing space with another display, but do come and see us in Gallery 2, where there will be a range of pieces by the members of the society. 


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