Today 31st July 2021

We are at the end of July, it’s been a very busy month for the Smy household. In late June my brother-in-law died very suddenly and that was a great shock. There has been lots to deal with as a result, so I’m sorry not to catch up with you all before now. 

On a lighter note, we had our first holiday for nearly 2 years, with all the family in West Wales. A very happy time after such sadness.

Back to the art, though. I have work in Torquay at the moment, three paintings, as well as three unframed in the browser and several cards - all for sale. These can all be seen at Artizan Gallery in Fleet Walk Torquay, see poster below.

The first three are the framed pieces. 

After the Storm is a large work and shows well in a white mount with a white wood frame, under glass.

Next month I am handing in works to the Bruton Art Society and will give you more information when I have it.

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