Today 18th March

We have recently been updated by the Westward Ho! & Bideford Art Society, that we will have a physical exhibition this year, hooray! Although there is no theme, the painting must have been produced during lockdown.  The above image is of a painting - ‘Inspired By Begonias’ - which was created last August/September time. It was rendered using oils and cold wax medium and, as the title says, I was inspired by the begonias in my garden. I have in fact created two such paintings of my begonias, as I was so delighted with the colours and habit of the flowers, but this is the one I have chosen for the exhibition.

I understand that we are handing in works on 30th April and the exhibition will start on Monday 17th May - Sunday 11th July inclusive. The exhibition will be held at the Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford with their usual opening hours. It is framed under glass with a white wood frame and white mount and measures about 33” x 25.5” framed. It is priced at £400

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