Today 15th March 2020

In 2008, my hubby and I travelled half-way around the world to South Australia, to stay with a friend living on Kangaroo Island.  It was a magical time on an idillic island, just off the coast of Adelaide. We were there for two months and travelled around the island, making new friends and visiting areas of South Australia and Tasmania. We are so grateful to our friend, Penny Furseman, for allowing us to stay with her and for putting up with us!

Therefore, the devastating fires that have affected Australia and places we visited, have had an effect on us. The images shown here are my creative responses to that devastation. I have mentioned in previous notes, that my work is created from  emotional, intuitive influences, rather than the observed. When I start to paint, I rarely know what will happen, until the piece starts to ‘speak’ to me and that can often take a while, as my mind processes a situation and relays it to the hand. 

In the works shown above, I have used a limited palette to describe the first four pieces, but have added additional colours of green, blue and yellow to the last one, ‘Oh Australia! V’, naming it ‘Rebirth and Renewal’, to reflect the amazing way nature is healing the land. 

I plan to donate 10% of the net sales from these works to a fund to assist in the restoration of Kangaroo Island.

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